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Brick walls can live as long as 100 years without requiring any repair or maintenance. The mortar joints, however, are the first ones to show signs of damage after 20 or 30 years. These damages must not be ignored. If left unrepaired, it could wreak havoc. When these signs start to show up, call a professional brick pointer as soon as possible. 

Doing the repointing right away could save you a lot of money. When the damages are already in a severe state, repointing may no longer be effective. You might have to turn to rebuilding the entire structure, which undeniably is a very costly project to undertake. 

At Tuckpointing Melbourne, we offer residential and commercial clients cost-effective solutions to save their homes or historical properties. Our professional brick pointers will make sure that your brick walls are back to its pristine condition, you won’t even know it had undergone the process. 

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How does it work?

Mortar joints get damaged overtime with continuous exposure to harsh weather conditions and other outdoor elements. In masonry chimneys, the wear and tear gets even worse with the combination of ever-changing environmental temperature plus the hot fires inside the flue. Once these mortar joints start to deteriorate, it must be remedied right away or it could lead to a disaster later on. This is where repointing or “renewing the pointing” is badly needed. 


  • The process of repointing starts by careful inspection with assessment of the masonry unit and the mortar joints.
  • The professional brick pointer first determines the techniques applied to the original construction as well as the signs of damages. 
  • Once these damages are found, they will also find out if there are other major problems – this is a very crucial step in the process because repointing can actually do more harm than good if there are bigger problems that should have been addressed first. 
  • If the cracks are less than 2mm and no major defects, then repointing may not be necessary. 
  • After all the inspections and assessment are completed, the next step is to remove the old mortar. It is essential that this process is carried out as carefully as possible in order to avoid causing damages to the masonry units. The mortar will then be brushed, cleaned or vacuumed. 
  • Next step is filling in the new mortar on its deepest recession first, hardened, and another layer, and then more. 
  • If the colour of the new mortar does not match with that of the old one after repointing and setting, the structure must be cleaned in order to blend the colours. This is done using a low pressure water jet.

Not a DIY job?

The entire process of repointing is very tedious and time-consuming. Aside from the fact that it requires skilful hands, the right tools and materials, timing is also essential. The mortar has to stay wet for a few days whilst it is setting. It must be protected from direct sunlight and keep the area damp. Covering may be required. 

With Tuckpointing Melbourne, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your property is in the hands of the experts. We have mastered the craft of repointing and tuckpointing. Rest assured, our pros never go wrong. Send us a message.

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Time and again, building experts recommend that tuckpointing be entrusted to the professionals. This is not a DIY job unless you have the skills, experience, and the right tools to perform the task. When you need it, call us up at Tuckpointing Melbourne.

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